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Department of Astronomy and Earth Sciences, Tokyo Gakugei University
Nukui-kita-machi 4-1-1, Koganei city, Tokyo, JAPAN, 184-8501

The Astronomical Laboratory of Tokyo gakugei University is on the third floor in the Natural Science Building No.1, Koganei Campus. You can find it left, if you enter from southern gate of the Koganei Campus.

Researching members are below,

Dobashi K. Professor -----Room N-314
Nishiura S. Lecturer -----Room N-313
---------- A Map of Koganei Campus, Tokyo Gakugei University ----------
You can look at a map of the Koganei campus in Tokyo Gakugei University. Please click here.
---------- Access to the Koganei Campus, Tokyo Gakugei University ----------
If you would like to reach the Astronomical laboratory, Tokyo Gakugei University, i) please get off "Musashi-Koganei" station of the JR Chuou-Line. Next, ii) please change to the Keioh-Bus going to "Kodaira-Danchi" for a sevaral minutes, and get off the bus at the "Gakugei-dai-Seimon" bus stop. Finally, please walk to the Tokyo Gakugei University for a minutes. Please check this page, you will obtain available information.

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